What is Four Seasons Cuisine?

Four Seasons Cuisine prepares and delivers fresh, and healthy meals to your door. We combine convenience and culinary expertise with custom healthy meal delivery that tastes amazing.

How do I contact Four Seasons Cuisine?

There are a few ways you can get in contact with us!

  1. For help with an order, or for any questions you can email, call or text us!
  2. Email:
  3. Call or Text: 443.465.6353
  4. Or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
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What are your hours of operation?

We are available from 9am-6pm ET every Monday – Friday. We’ll be happy to talk with you either by phone or by email!

What are the benefits of Four Seasons Cuisine?

Convenient, healthy, and customized meals delivered to your door! Eating the right foods is more than half the battle for a healthy lifestyle. We shop, prep, cook, and deliver to your door so you can experience the benefits of healthy eating and have the time to do the things that matter most in your life.

Do I need to eat Four Seasons Cuisine for every meal to remain healthy?

Definitely not. A healthy lifestyle works best when you create habits that you stick to over time. You are the one who makes that happen, Four Seasons Cuisine just helps you by making shopping, prepping and cooking more convenient. Think about progress, not perfection.

How much does Four Seasons Cuisine cost?

We offer different pricing based on meal quantity – you can click here to view pricing.

You’ll be able to choose the meals that you would like to eat that week; up to 18 meals, with a minimum order of 5 meals for the week. In addition, delivery charges are based on your location. Hop over to our menu to see what’s cooking this week.

Nutrition and Ingredients

Are the meals fresh or frozen?

Our meals are always prepared and delivered fresh. However you can freeze most of our meals if you do not expect to eat them in the first seven days. Uncooked greens like salads should not be frozen, and should be eaten earlier for peak deliciousness.

What makes your your ingredients so special?

Our chefs use the highest quality, freshest ingredients available. We try to utilize local and organic produce as much as possible and we always focus on using high-quality proteins, low-glycemic carbohydrates, or heart-healthy fats.

What types of foods do you offer?

We feature a variety of healthy, chef-crafted meals every week. You will see a variety of options from All-American favorites to unique one of a kind meals.  We also like to re-imagine recipes of your favorite foods with a healthy twist. Our chefs swap processed ingredients for whole, clean ingredients to create healthy, mouth-watering creations.

Do you offer vegetarian or vegan meals?

The answer here is yes and no:

  1. Yes, we do offer vegetarian dishes and you can always find many meals to choose from each week.
  2. So while we don’t offer any vegan meals right now, we would want to discuss your diet with you and see if we can accommodate you in any way possible. As we grow and expand, we definitely want to be able to serve a wider variety of dietary preferences, so we’d like to add some vegan options in the future!

Do you use all organic ingredients?

We use produce that is 100% organic as often as possible. Furthermore, we use no preservatives in our meals. If you have any specific questions feel free to contact us.

Do you customize meals for specific diets or allergies?

Yes, depending on your allergies and/or your dietary restrictions.

When you check-out, we ask you for details on the types of ingredients you don’t (or can’t) eat. These cover the larger allergens like gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, fish, nuts and legumes.

If you have a sensitivity to anything, we NEED you to share this with us.

NOTE: If you’ve been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, we can’t safely recommend Four Seasons Cuisine for you. The only way to guarantee your safety is to eat from kitchens that have been certified as gluten free, which we are not (even though we never use it).

If you suffer from another autoimmune condition (like Crohn’s Disease) and are changing your diet accordingly, our food should work for you in most cases. But again, we can’t guarantee any results and we are not a certified gluten free kitchen.

Receiving my Meals:

The Packaging Process

How long do meals last?

The majority of your meals will stay fresh for approximately one week in the fridge until your next delivery arrives! Our vacuum sealed packaging process lowers the amount of oxygen around the food to inhibit the growth of aerobic organisms and the speed of oxidation reactions. This process is safe and allows food to last longer without the use of preservatives.

How are the meals delivered?

For our Baltimore/Washington D.C.-area customers: Your meals will be delivered by a local delivery service!

For everyone else: Your meals will be delivered to your door by USPS!

Do I have to sign for my delivery?

Nope, you don’t have to be home when your meals arrive — we aren’t Comcast. Our meals are shipped in insulated boxes, with gel packs that keep the food at refrigerated temperatures to ensure your food will still be fresh when you get home. All Four Seasons Cuisine packaging is recyclable, biodegradable or reusable.

How are my meals packaged?

All of our meals are delivered to you in completely BPA-free vacuum sealed bags!

These plastics are safe for food storage as well as heating in the microwave. They are also designated as recyclable or reusable, so go ahead and put them in the recycling bin after you’ve enjoyed the meals!

Is your delivery packaging recyclable?

Your Four Seasons Cuisine box can be reused, or placed curbside with your recycling.

The ice packs can be reused or donated. If you want to reuse them, just pop them into the freezer to refreeze. If you prefer to donate them, there are a number of organizations that love ice pack donations! Churches, shelters, Meals on Wheels, Girl/Boy Scouts and other such organizations may be able to use them.

The Delivery Process

My gel packs were melted upon arrival. Is the food safe?

Fear not my friend; it’s normal for the gel packs to be melted by the time they arrive. They release cold air into the box as they melt (magic). As long as the gel packs are cool to the touch, your meals are fresh and ready to be enjoyed!

The insulation we use keeps our boxes (and the contents within) at refrigerated temperatures for a loooong time.

The cold air does dissipate quickly when you open the box though, so you should transfer your meals to the fridge or freezer immediately.

Your food should be good to go when it arrives, but if you have any reason to believe that the meals have gone bad, let us know immediately and we’ll take care of you.

How do I store the meals?

When your order is delivered, unpack your meals and slide them right into your fridge or freezer. Yep, that’s it!

Note: Most meals are fresh and delicious for up to a week after delivery!

Do you deliver to my zipcode?

We deliver to all 48 continental states! So, if you reside in the USA, and you don’t live in Alaska or Hawaii—We can have meals delivered to you!

Do I need to be home to receive my meals?

Nope. Cold packs will keep your meals fresh while they wait at your door.

How do meals stay fresh within transit?

We ship our meals in boxes that are insulated and have gel packs that will keep the box at refrigerated temperatures for quite some time! Keep in mind that it is normal for the gel packs to be melted by the time they arrive. This is because they release cold air into the box as they melt. The cold air does dissipate quickly when you open it, so you should transfer the meals to the fridge immediately. As long as the gel packs are cool to the touch, the meals are fresh and ready to be enjoyed!

What time of day will my meals arrive?

Pinning down the exact time can be tricky, but expect your meals to arrive by 8 PM. Most likely, they will be waiting at your door when you return from work!

Feel free to stalk the whereabouts of your package by using the tracking number we send you after your order ships!

Enjoying my meals:

Picking & Choosing

How soon can I get my first order?

Your meals will arrive one week from the date you placed your order. Please be aware that national holidays may cause a delay in your order. (Note: The exact delivery day depends on your zip code).

All meals are made-to-order. We deliver weekly. It might take up to a week and a half for you to get your first order, but this is because our chefs need that lead time to order ingredients, receive them, cook, plate, package your meals, and get them out on the trucks for delivery!

What if I am unhappy with any of my meals?

If you’re unhappy with one or more of your meals, please reach out to us by emailing your concerns to

How many people does one meal feed?

Portion size is subjective, and varies widely from one person to the next. (Mr. Universe’s hearty snack is a pilates instructor’s lunch… today and tomorrow).

By most standards our portion size is generous for an active adult.

Depending on age, appetite, and activity level, some people (especially women) find that they can split our meals into two servings.

We recommend ordering one meal per person at first until you figure out what works best for you.

We never want you to leave the table hungry, and all our meals are rich in healthy proteins and fats for that reason. We combine healthy-eating with our passion for cooking to create meals that satisfy your tastebuds and your belly

Do you change the meals on the menu?

Abso-freakin-lutely! For right now our menu changes seasonably if not more often. Join our mailing list and we will notify you when we introduce a new menu! Click here to check out the current menu now!

Can I choose my meals?

Yes. We update our menu on a regular basis and have many options available — keep in mind that lunch & dinner are interchangeable. Choose your meals each week!

Can I customize any of the meals on your website?

We get this question probably more than any other. Finding three meals a day that fit your needs (AND taste good, AND contain fresh / healthy ingredients)… well, that’s pretty much the trifecta of healthy eating. So we feel you.

We are able to customize your meals based on your allergic/dietary needs. You just need to explain what these needs are when you place your order.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to make healthy, fresh, and delicious meals convenient and accessible to everyone.

Four Seasons Cuisine food philosophy for cooking and eating is to keep it simple silly!

Preparing and Consuming

How much cooking is involved?

Our meals are fully-prepared fresh and shipped directly to your door so your cooking is minimal. Many or parts of your meals will need to be heated however this takes less than 20 minutes depending on the meal.  Four Seasons Cuisine makes ordering your meals and getting them on the table as convenient as possible — we take care of the grocery shopping, making the meals and cleaning up. You use that extra time to make memories with people who mean the most.

How do I heat-up the meals?

Meals can be heated through the preferred sous vide (basically, boil-in-a-bag) method. So one pot with boiling water is all it takes. This is our preferred heating method however meals can also be heated in the microwave. Please consult the packaging for meal-specific heating instructions.

Where can I see the meals I was shipped in past orders?

In the near future, you will be able to see all of your past orders, by logging into your account after you register as a member.

Can I heat my meals in an oven?

You certainly can! You’ll find that there are re-heating instructions for all the heating methods provided in the packaging. Note that the re-heating times are generalized, as it’s impossible for us to provide instructions specific to every individual make and model of oven or microwave!

Can I freeze my meals?

Yup! You can freeze your meals if you do not expect to eat them in the first seven days, but fresh just tastes better.

We highly recommend enjoying your meals fresh until the expiration date on the container. If you must freeze a meal, just be smart about which one(s) you choose to freeze. Uncooked greens like salads should not be frozen, and should be eaten earlier for peak deliciousness. Some vegetables might already be cooked, and thawing may affect texture. Soggy vegetables are not happy vegetables.