The more meals you order, the greater your savings!

(based on the amount of meals ordered per week)

5 Meals

$ 12.50

per meal
  • This is the minimum order requirement

6-8 meals

$ 10.50

per meal

9-12 meals

$ 9.50

per meal

13-18 mealsBest Value

$ 8.75

per meal

How many people does one meal feed?

Portion size is subjective, and varies widely from one person to the next. (One weight trainer’s hearty snack is a yogi’s breakfast.. today and tomorrow).

By most standards our portion size is generous for an active adult.

Depending on age, appetite, and activity level, some people (especially women) find that they can split our meals into two servings.

We recommend ordering one meal per person at first until you figure out what works best for you.

We never want you to leave the table hungry, and all our meals are rich in healthy proteins and fats for that reason. We combine healthy-eating with our passion for cooking to create meals that satisfy your tastebuds and your belly.

If you are accustomed to the typical American diet for a long time, you may experience an adjustment period when you switch to Four Seasons Cuisine. This usually comes in the form of cravings rather than straight-up hunger, so just pay attention to how you feel and be sure to drink plenty of fresh water. (And keep in mind — it’ll pass after a week or two.)

Can I chose my meals?

Yes. We update our menu on a regular basis and have many options available — keep in mind that lunch & dinner are interchangeable. Choose your meals each week!

What if I’m unhappy with one of my meals?

If you’re unhappy with one or more of your meals, please reach out to the Customer Experience Team by emailing us at You can also give us a jingle by calling 443.465.6353!

How soon can I get my first order?

The cut-off to order is Wednesday night at 11:59pm ET for delivery the following week. (Note: The exact delivery day depends on your zip code).

All meals are made-to-order. We deliver weekly and all orders must be in by the weekly cut-off time. It might take up to a week and a half for you to get your first order, but this is because our chefs need that lead time to order ingredients, receive them, cook, plate, package your meals, and get them out on the delivery trucks!